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Relax! Unwind! Recharge! You are on hot springs time.

Hot Springs of Eastern Idaho

Hit the hot springs around the region! Hot springs are geothermal water pools heated from the Earth's interior. Mineral rich hot springs are a great way to relax against Eastern Idaho's many mountain backdrops.

What does hot spring water do for your body?

The elevated levels of sulfur in hot spring waters offer antifungal and antibacterial properties that can soothe the skin. Soakers enjoy reduced stress levels and the many minerals in hot springs waters have been said to decrease stress.

Boost your Blood circulation

Hot springs water is flowing with calcium and sodium bicarbonate, which can boost overall oxygen flow and circulation once absorbed into the body.

Heise Hot Springs

Heise Hot Springs has a natural mineral hot spring that is always approximately 104 degrees F. Perfect for soaking sore muscles and joints, sitting and relaxing or just warming up from the cold during the winter.

Fall/Winter Hours

Closed during the month of November, the hot pools open the day after Thanksgiving.
Monday - Friday: 2 PM to 10 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 10 AM to 10 PM

Summer Hours

Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day
Monday - Sunday, 10 AM to 10 PM

Green Canyon Hot Springs

Green Canyon Hot Springs is located in Newdale, Idaho and has been family owned and operated since 1953. It features a natural hot spring with a temperature of 115 degrees, a hot pool with a temperature of 105 degrees and a cold plunge with a temperature of 55 degrees. This rural hideaway offers an easy walk around the property, a campsite, is pet friendly and offers private pool rentals.

Visit the Website for more information.

Lava Hot Springs

Lava Hot Springs Foundation Properties were deeded to the state of Idaho in 1902 to provide a health and recreation facility. The state built a natatorium in 1918 and now oversees operation of the swimming pools and hot baths through the Lava Hot Springs Foundation.

Plan your visit to Lava Hot Springs.

Before you dive in, here a few Hot Springs etiquette tips:

  1. Keep Noise to a Minimum- Many people visit the hot springs to relax and reset. Be respectful of this by keeping the noise down and being aware of the people around you.
  2. Be Welcoming- Remember to be willing to share space in the hot springs! You may be the first one there, but hot springs are for everyone to share and enjoy.
  3. Leave No Trace- Make sure that everything you have brought with you, you take with you. We want to make sure to keep the hot springs clean so they can be preserved for other generations to enjoy.
  4. No Soap- Leave the body wash for your shower at home. Hot springs typically don’t have a way to drain, and using soap may disrupt the natural minerals in the spring.
  5. Don’t Pee in the Hot Springs- Remember that hot springs don’t have a way to drain, so what you leave in the springs stays in the springs.

If you’re planning your next trip around the Yellowstone Teton Territory, make sure to add these hot spring destinations to your lists of stops!