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Find the Easter Bunny

March 30, 2024

12 PM 2 PM

Civitan Plaza

510 Park Avenue and B
Idaho Falls, ID 83402


It's that time again already! 

Find the Easter Bunny will be on March 30th, the Saturday before Easter Sunday. This is a similar event to Find Santa's Puppy, but hopefully, the weather will be great. 
If you sign up, here's how it works: 

  1. Local businesses will each have a stuffed bunny
  2. Each bunny is hidden within the business
  3. We will hand out the scavenger hunt maps at the Civitan Plaza from 12:00 - 2:00 on the 30th
  4. After the participants pick up their maps, you will use them to go find the bunnies! 
  5. When you find the bunny in a business, ask the store owner to mark the scavenger map..
  6. When you have completed your search, turn your cards in for a prize! 

Last year we had over 800 participants at Find the Easter Bunny!