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Population: 511
Elevation: 5,148 feet
Distance from Yellowstone: 1 hr 12 minutes

It's pronounced "Dew-Boiz"

With a population of under 1000, Clark County, ID is a tight knit community. Featuring breathtaking outdoor recreation and unique local color, Dubois and Spencer Idaho take small-town charm to a whole new level. Home of the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station, there are 6x more sheep than people in Dubois! Whether you're looking to get lost in the mountains or capture some small-town diner charm, Dubois, Idaho has a unique beauty. Visit our partner website for more detailed information: Visit Idaho .

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Check out the best of


Centered around the county seat of Dubois astride Interstate 15, rodeos, county fairs, and community events abound. With less than 1 person per square mile, the 1765 square mile county offers freedom from crowds, traffic, congestion and a place to be yourself.

Small town, Big heart

An Authentic Western Town

A Region for Recreation

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