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ACT Foundation

ACT Foundation is a Teton Valley-based nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting local arts, cinema and theater in the community.

PO Box 955

Victor, ID 83455

Upcoming Productions

ACT Foundation

Our mission is to sustain and grow Arts, Cinema, and Theater in Teton Valley by supporting, developing, and promoting creative programs and cultivating new artistic avenues within our community.

ACT Foundation is dedicated to keeping the arts alive in Teton Valley, Idaho. Our vision is to ensure that everyone in the community, young and old, will have easy access to art programs, theatrical experiences, and cinematic influence.
We see a future with a local community theater, multiple plays performed each year stand-up comedy options, musicals, and art shows to name a few. We are grateful to take advantage of the beloved Pierre’s Theatre as well as outdoor performance venues throughout Teton Valley.

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What ACT Foundation is all about

Bringing Community Theater

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