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Ashton Log Cabins

1001 Main Street

Fremont County, Idaho 83420

(208) 360-5865

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<em>Nightly rooms, just like a hotel but better!</em>


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<h4>Welcome to Historic Ashton Log Cabins</h4>

Established in1921 and still going strong!

<li>Looking for a comfortable place to night over?</li>

<li>Seeking to stay in a real log cabin?</li>

<li>Hopeful to enjoy some history on your vacation to the West?</li>

<li>Desiring THE most comfortable bed yet on your trip to Yellowstone?</li>

<li>Wanting the best complimentarycoffeeafter a cozy night's rest?</li>


<h5><strong>You've Found It Here</strong></h5>

<h4>Located near Yellowstone and Teton National Park</h4>

The Ashton Log Cabin Rentals offers comfortable lodging near some of East Idaho's most famous features. The Henry's Fork for world-class fly fishing, Mesa Falls, and Yellowstone and Teton National Parks are all near.