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Professional Aviation Services
AvCenter Inc.

Private Jet rental for business and leisure purposes

1483 Flightline Drive

Pocatello, Idaho 83204

(208) 234-2141
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We fly you to many destinations in North American

Avcenter Inc,  Since 1979, is a premium air charter company that has made a name for itself in providing a specialized service primarily focused in eastern Idaho, western Wyoming and southwestern Montana. Whereas the market area itself spans across the continental U.S., Canada, and Alaska.

Flying privately gives a lot more convenience and flexibility in your schedule and none-better than the Avcenter to provide this service. If you’re going to a meeting or a game, you won’t have to worry about meeting a commercial schedule. Avoid layover nightmares, this is just the beginning of the charter advantage at Avcenter. 

Avcenter, runs a fleet of executive-class charter planes featuring a pair of B200 King Airs, a Citation Ultra, Citation XLS, both the Jets offer complimentary Wi-Fi. Citation CJ. Turbo Commander 690 B. Avcenter’s main goal is providing a high-level service on a nice aircraft.

5 locations with 4 FBO’S Avcenter Inc. Is a full-service fixed base operator. Its Headquarter is based in Pocatello Idaho, with other locations throughout Idaho. Idaho Falls, Nampa, McCall, Salmon. They are the only full-service fixed based operation, including fueling, maintenance and aircraft ground handling in Southeast Idaho. Avcenter has a large new hangar built in Pocatello. It is a large addition to an already new project that just completed with a complete remodel of their FBO in Pocatello. The new hangar is large enough to accommodate most Gulf Stream Jets coming in at 150x200.

Providing other Services

Preparing for Air

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Maintenance: One of the largest maintenance facilities in the northwest. Avcenter can meet complex schedules and maintain aircraft to air charter standards.

Flight School: Avcenter provides high-quality one-on-one training from private pilot to ATP.

Air Attack: Air attack planes coordinate aerial firefighting aircraft over wildland fires. They provide vital eyes in the sky for firefighters on the ground, and ensure safe aviation operations

Exceeding Expectations

Air Travel in Style

Exceeding Expectations

Air Travel in Style

Avcenter’s sister company McCall Aviation has recently added to their fleet a brand-new Quest Kodiak turboprop. Picture selecting a small group of friends, loading up your gear and flying out to an area with exclusive access to hunt game. Or during the Summertime you can fly into the backcountry to take one of the many trips provided, Breakfast, white water rafting, Idaho Centennial. Scenic flights are provided through-out Idaho.  Book now with Avcenter if you feel these flights are singing your name. Flights are already filling at a rapid rate and when it comes to the adventure of a lifetime, missing out isn’t an option.