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Bitch Creek Trail

The Bitch Creek Trail is located on the eastern side of the Ranger District and covers the area between the Winegar Hole Wilderness and the Jedediah Smith Wilderness (so pay attention to Forest Service signage). Marked as FS 002, Bitch Creek Trail is 14.2 miles in length and has access points at Squirrel Meadows, Ernest Lake and Coyote Meadows. Summer wildflowers abound throughout the high-elevation flats. You'll find great scenery all around. From Squirrel Meadows to Earnest Lake the trail is designated for motorized use of 50 inches or less and can be accessed by taking the Ashton Flagg Ranch Road to the Squirrel Meadows Guard Station where the trailhead is located. It is best accessed heading east from Ashton on E 1200 N road, the Ashton-Flagg Ranch Road.