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BPA Line Trail

BPA Line in Teton Valley is a loop trail with access at Mike Harris Creek. Open to ATVs, this is a great off-road experience. Ride the BPA!

Teton County

Teton County, Idaho

On the south side of the Teton Basin, the BPALine Trail(FS 031)is a large ATV trail that follows a powerline at the Southern end of Teton Valley, running east to west and extending about 8 miles along the lower portion of the mountains. The east access is just off Highway 33 at Mike Harris Creek. It will take you through Nordell Canyon and Smith Canyon before reaching Blanchard Ridge. The Western end of the trail combines with the Woods Canyon Trail (FS 047), Upper Palisades Road (FS 253) and the Powerline trail (FS 321) to create a ”lasso loop” trail of more than 17 miles of ATV recreation. The west end of the trail goes back to Highway 31 just north of Pine Creek Pass.