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Cave Falls Campground

Cave Falls Campground is located on the banks of Fall River which is swift and deep in the area of the campground. The entrance to the Bechler Ranger Station (the only entry to the southwestern portion of Yellowstone National Park) is two miles west and north of the campground. Bechler provides only non-motorized access to Yellowstone National Park - hiking and horse use. Permits are required for overnight stays in the Park and these may be obtained at the Bechler Ranger Station along with fishing licenses.

Cave Falls is about two miles past the campground and is located in Yellowstone National Park and is accessible by vehicle. There are two parking areas. From the upper parking area you can view Cave Falls from above and several trails lead into the park. The lower parking area is a small loop where you can park and take a short trail down to the falls. The cave itself is blocked from a rock avalanche and is not available to explore.