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Egin Lakes Campground

Located far from any ocean, the St. Anthony Sand Dunes appears as a rolling sea of sand on the eastern edge of Idaho's volcanic Snake River Plain. These vast dunes are the largest in Idaho. They blanket an area approximately 20 miles long and 5 miles wide and range from 50 to 400 feet high. This 10,600-acre playground of shifting, white quartz sand is known for its unique beauty and exceptional space for off-highway vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts, hikers and equestrians. Picnicking, snowmobiling, wildlife viewing and camping opportunities are also available. The best time to visit is spring through fall. Summer temperatures cause sands to reach over 100 degrees. The area features Deadhorse Bowl, a popular OHV sand bowl one-mile in circumference and 400 feet deep, located in the western section of the dune complex.

The Egin Lakes Campground located 8 miles to the west from St. Anthony, ID. The developed campground offers a potable water system, RV dump station and 48 improved camp units, including electrical service.There is also a day use and horse trailer parking area.