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Grandpa's Southern BBQ

1540 West Broadway Street

Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402

(208) 357-4724

Since we first opened the doors to the "original" Grandpa's back in 1995, we always wanted Grandpa's to be a place to come for good food, good times and a good word. That feeling you get when you're among friends, enjoying the time you spend there. So when you leave after enjoying that great food, you feel a bit better just from being there. Over the years we moved around a bit...

...and changed locations a couple of times. We added some more great food too over the years. One thing that has never changed though is that good feeling, and those good times. People from all over the world have come through our doors and more than a few of them had a bit of our famous BBQ sauce under their fingernails when they left. We pride ourselves on being "cozy & comfy", a family place with big rolls of paper towels on every table to keep your hands clean.

Of course we serve up lots of good food coupled with great service, and we even have "Free Wi-Fi", though we're thinking it's a bit difficult to use those devices when your hands are covered with bbq sauce. So, poke around a bit, get to know us. See the menus we have, which is sure to be a treat...stop by on the "Baked Goods" page, we've added online ordering on that page for all the delicious dessert treats Miss Loretta cooks up...

Be sure to check out some of Grandpa's history on the "Our Story". Have a look at the "Kind Words" section for things our customers have to say about us, and we're real proud of our catering services, be sure to check out that page too. When you're ready, come on down... if you don't know where we are, stop by the "Find Us" page for some help...we would love to see you, and we're sure you will enjoy the experience.