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One of the regions most famous waterways
Henry's Fork of the Snake River

There are few rivers that are more highly regarded to anglers as the Henrys Fork of the Snake River.

Island Park, ID

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The Henrys Fork of the Snake River, named after Colonel Andrew Henry, offers exceptional angling opportunities across its vast watershed spanning 1.7 million acres and 3000 miles of rivers and streams. Originating from Big Springs, the river flows south to meet the South Fork of the Snake River. Renowned for its abundant trout population, including wild rainbows and elusive browns, the Henrys Fork provides diverse fishing experiences amidst ranch land, timber canyons, and spring creek sections. Divided into sections such as Upper, Box Canyon, Harriman Ranch, and Mesa Falls Byway, each area offers distinct fishing conditions and access points, catering to various preferences. From the challenging Box Canyon to the picturesque Harriman Ranch and the serene Lower section through farmlands, the Henrys Fork presents opportunities for anglers of all skill levels to enjoy fly fishing in a stunning natural setting.