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Jackpine/Pinochle Loop

Jackpine/Pinochle Loop is an 18 mile trail through Yellowstone Teton Territory & is accessible to all-wheeled vehicles. Hike, off-road, & explore!

Jackpine-Pinochle Loop

Teton County, Wyoming

Just north of Tetonia off Highway 32, FS 268 leads you to the Jackpine/ Pinochle Loop that stretches 18 miles before windying back into FS 266 and reconnects to Highway 32 about 3.5 miles to the north. This loop is accessible to all wheeled vehicles. On the eastern edge of the loop you can turn back south on the South Jackpine road (FS 254) and head over to Indian Meadows. Or you can take the Steep Creek Trail (FS 255) or the Rammell Mountain Trail (267) back to the west. On the north edge of the Jackpine/Pinochle Loop you can access the Briggs Cabin Trail (FS 809) which goes east five miles to the edge of the Jedediah Smith Wilderness.