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Loft 475

Experience the inviting ambiance of The Loft 475, showcasing a setup of chairs and tables arranged for a reception. The interior exudes a rustic log cabin vibe, complemented by an impressive antler chandelier, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Discover an exquisite venue for weddings and special occasions at The Loft Reception Center & Garden. Located conveniently in Idaho Falls, Idaho, The Loft Reception Center and Lodge offer versatile spaces for various events. Loft 745 presents intimate, rustic, and sophisticated settings, perfect for weddings, family reunions, corporate events, and celebrations. The Loft Reception is your destination for creating unforgettable moments.

5 North 3800 East

Rigby, ID 83442

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An easy destination for travelers flying into Idaho Falls Regional Airport, Loft 475  is one of  the more unique locations to bring groups together at an upscale garden and reception center. It’s also a chance to take a stroll back in time to enjoy some of history’s finer moments – Rigby, the small east Idaho town where Loft 475 is located, is also the birthplace of television. 

Inventor Philo T. Farnsworth, known as “the father of television” is the namesake of a Rigby street, the middle school and the museum. A trip to the Farnsworth TV and Pioneer Museum will delight visitors with the first television tube, Indian artifacts, ancient Egyptian artifacts from biblical days and animal trophies. 

The museum also features local writers such as Vardis Fisher, who wrote Mountain Man, which was made into a movie with Robert Redford called “Jeremiah Johnson.” The Jefferson County Historical Museum features 14,000 square feet of exhibitions from the pre-electric and early electric era, the history of Jefferson County, and early photography–this often overlooked destination will be an unforgettable stop for any tour group looking to learn something new.   

Rigby is also home to one of the backcountry’s most important brands. KLIM, a company  dedicated to technical riding gear for snowmobilers, motorcycle and off road gear calls Jefferson County home with its brand headquarters located in Rigby. Take a tour of the KLIM showroom, browse, learn and enjoy purchasing KLIM gear on site and ask questions of the makers. 

Keeping in the vein of vintage and yesteryear, add a stop at Don’s Lounge and pass under the “Bewitched” style sign.

Equally located between Idaho Falls and Rexburg, tour operators and event planners have a multitude of options for blocking group reservations at neighboring hotels and arranging shuttles. Loft 475 could very well be your itinerary’s solution for a spot not quite off the beaten path. Choosing Rigby as an outpost for your group’s travel needs could be a savvy alternative for the high summer season when bookings can become difficult due to the number of destination weddings and recreation enthusiasts seeking out the wonders of the Yellowstone to Teton Territory like Old Faithful, Mesa Falls, Fort Hall, Jenny Lake or up to Spencer Opal Mine. 

For additional trip building tools, visit the transportation page to review options that best suit your group. From family reunions to large groups, there are an abundance of options in the area for getting around the Yellowstone to Teton Territory, from charter buses to vans to rental cars, find the option that best suits your needs, and gets you where you need to be whether that’s to see a buffalo, soak in a hot spring or tie a fly.

Outside wedding arch with flowers during a nice day