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Relay Ridge

Valley Trail

Teton County, Wyoming 83025

You can access this challenging and scenic trail from the west, from South Canyon Creek Road and then heading southeast on Warm Creek/Relay Ridge Rd (FR 219). From that junction, the trail steadily climbs from the high desert/ranch land into the forested mountains until you come out on top and out of the trees. You continue south on Relay Ridge Road and to the east you'll see the Teton Mountains in all their splendor. For more experienced riders, you can drop off Relay Ridge to the west (on FR 233) and pick up FR 328 and head back to South Canyon Creek Road at Kirkham Hollow. The drop off is not for the faint of heart. Alternatively, you can head back north along Relay Ridge to the Radio Tower Junction (FR 219 and FR 208) and head east to continue riding in the Big Holes.