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South Antelope/North Antelope Trails

Island Park

Fremont County, Idaho 83433

On the west side of Highway 20 on the southern part of Island Park there are multiple roads heading west that interconnect. Within this complex of all-vehicle routes you will find several 50-inch trails to allow for a better access to more remote areas in the region. The South Antelope Flat Trail (FS 553), which connects to the Big Bend Ridge Trail in the Ashton trail system, travels 13 miles before connecting back to the North Antelope Trail (FS 168). These two trails loop around the Parallel Trail (FS 556), Stock Trail (FS 555), High Point Trail (FS 319) and the Little Butte Trail (FS 317). The Antelope Cutoff (FS 771) also connects the two Antelope trails. At the west end of the South Antelope Trail is the Fir Trail (FS 557) which connects the Cinder Butte Trail (FS 621) to the Bishop Mountain Trail (FS 120), which comes off the North Antelope Trail. Also connected to the Fir Trail is the Fog Butte Trail which ties in the Fremont County trails and BLM routes. If you continue west on the Fir Trail you connect to the Bishop Burn Trail (FS 552) which either takes you north to the Island Park Reservoir area or farther west Bishop Well or Davis Lake trails, which both tie back to Island Park Reservoir.