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Spencer Opal Mines

Close up photo of an Opal in Spencer Idaho

Idaho is called the Gem State for a reason. Explore the opal mines in Spencer, Idaho and see why!

27 Opal Drive

Spencer, ID 83446

Visit the Opal Mines

At Spencer’s Opal we try to bring the beauty of Opals to life. Our top of the market miners help us mine beautiful opals, just for you. Then they are washed, polished, and cut to make a variety of jewelry and gifts.


Introducing our new fresh for the summer menu: we will be doing fabulous soups, fantastic salads, and phenomenal sandwiches! Stop at our famous café and grab a bite to eat. We serve meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Gift Shop

Spencer Opal Mines LLC carries a wide range of products from Opal solids, Opal triplets, and rough Opal. You can purchase individual stones to have set in your own mounts or you can choose between the many sterling silver and gold pendants, rings, and earrings we have to offer. We also have custom rings and pendants that were made especially to fit the unique shape of some of the free formed Opal stones we cut.

Ring with opal stone on a rock with another opal not in a ring
Outside view the Spencer Opal Mines cafe. With a sign that says "Spencer Opal Mines", "27 Opal Ave.", and "Cafe".
View from the inside of a cave looking out, with a trail leading out of it and a lady walking on it.
Big opal with accents of red in it, with a white outside in Spencer Idaho, part of the Yellowstone Teton Territory..
Ring with opal center piece on piece of wood, with something in the back that says "Spencer Opal Mines".