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St. Anthony Chamber of Commerce

Home of the renowned St. Anthony Sand Dunesand just miles away from Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole WY.

420 North Bridge Street C, St Anthony

Saint Anthony, Idaho 83445

(208) 624-4870

Participate in many great family events such as St. Anthony Alive, Fly In, and The Fishermans Breakfast. Feel free to take a look at all our great area has to offer and the many benefits of becoming a member of the Greater St. Anthony Chamber Of Commerce.

St. Anthony Sand Dunes

The St. Anthony Sand Dunes at an elevation of 5,000 ft consists of more than 11,000 acres of clear, shifting, white quartz sand dunes up to 400 feet high that move about eight feet each year and is know for its unique beauty and  exceptional recreation opportunities. They support a high amount of off-road vehicle use, attracting riders from all over the West. Campsites are available on the East end of the dunes along the Red Road, and a campground is located at Egin Lake.

The Dunes were created by prevailing winds carrying the sand from the nearby Teton and Snake Rivers and deposited them as dunes among the hills. These hills were once active volcanic vents pouring great depths of lava over the earth. Today the St. Anthony sand Dunes are home to a Wilderness Study Area and one of the largest herds of wintering elk in the United States.