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Twin Bridges Park

S. 600 E. Lyman, Archer

Rexburg, Idaho 83440


<span class="s1">Twin Bridges Park is located on a 31-acre plot of pristine land rich with wildlife on the South Fork of the Snake River. It was developed by Madison County and is a favorite camping, fishing and picnic area with a boat dock for river access. Campsitesshaded picnic tables, and restrooms are located at the park. The area has many trees and undergrowth. There are deer and moose in the area. And even bears and mountain lions have been sighted from time to time. It is also a great area for bird watching. Twin Bridges is located between two bridges (from which it gets its name) has two entrances and is well signed.</span>

<span class="s1">Twin Bridges Park is open to the public seven days a week. Camping is on a first come first served basis $10.00 a night or $40.00 for 5 nights. Shelter Reservations can be made by calling 208-356-3139 and paying a fee.</span>

<span class="s1">Twin Bridges recently added 2 groomed</span><span class="s2">trails</span><span class="s1">for winter recreation</span>

<ul class="ul1">

<li class="li2"><span class="s1">ALL parking is in thesouth entrance(just south of the main).</span></li>

<li class="li2"><span class="s1">No motorized vehicles are allowed in the park until the main gates open (weather depending).</span></li>

<li class="li2"><span class="s1">Each of these</span><span class="s2">trails</span><span class="s1">is approximately1.25 miles longand have marked start and finish signs.</span></li>

<li class="li2"><span class="s1">Groomed regularly.</span></li>

<li class="li2"><span class="s1">No day use fee.</span></li>

<li class="li2"><span class="s1">Under video surveillance</span></li>


<span class="s1"><b>Features:</b></span>

<span class="s1">• R.V. pads and tent sites

• Boat Ramp &amp; Docks

• Picnic Areas with fire pits

• Restrooms

• Children's playground

• 4 large shelters with picnic tables and fire rings for group gatherings</span>

<span class="s1"><b>Directions From Rexburg:</b></span>

<ol class="ol1">

<li class="li3"><span class="s1">HeadsouthonS 3rd WtowardW 2nd S</span></li>

<li class="li3"><span class="s1">TurnrightontoW 4th S</span></li>

<li class="li3"><span class="s1">Continue ontoS Yellowstone Hwy</span></li>

<li class="li3"><span class="s1">TurnleftontoS 2000 W/Archer RdContinue to follow S 2000 W</span></li>

<li class="li3"><span class="s1">Continue ontoW 7800 S</span></li>

<li class="li3"><span class="s1">SlightrighttowardS 600 E</span></li>

<li class="li3"><span class="s1">Continue ontoS 600 E (3.1 mi)Drive to your destination

Twin Bridges CampgroundLyman, Archer, Ririe Highway,, South 600 East, Rexburg, ID 83440