Take a Spirited Adventure in Teton Valley

Toasting Highpoint Cider at the Highpoint Cider Tap Room in Eastern Idaho's, Victor Idaho.

Teton Valley, Idaho, is brewing with activity … especially when it comes to good craft beer, the best in vodka and full-bodied whiskey. Join us as we embark on a tasting tour, discovering the best of Teton Valley's breweries, taphouses, and distilleries. 

Hint: We recommend you take a few days to visit these establishments and enjoy the many beverages—always drink responsibly.


Grand Teton Brewing Company

Located at the base of Teton Pass, Grand Teton Brewing Company is the original brewery of Teton Valley , which has been creating handcrafted beers since 1988. The facility encompasses an expansive 11,000 square feet, housing production and packaging facilities, walk-in cold storage, and the famous Grand Teton Brewing Pub, a tasting room, and a retail shop.

When the weather is warm, gather on the Pub’s front lawn to sip your suds, play some cornhole or simply soak up the sun with glass in hand. This is a favorite hangout! From extra strong brews like XX Bitch Creek to the lighter Sweetgrass American Pale Ale, there is something for everyone (over 21, of course) to enjoy. 

Drinking beer at Grand Teton Brewing Company in Victor, Idaho, a part of Yellowstone Teton Territory's Teton Valley.
Grand Teton Brewing beer overlooking the Pub's lawn in Eastern Idaho, a part of Yellowstone Teton Territory.
What's on tap at Grand Teton Brewing Company in Yellowstone Teton Territory's Teton Valley.
Sitting outside of the Grand Teton Brewery Pub in Easter Idaho's Victor Idaho, a part of Yellowstone Teton Territory.


Guidepost Brewing Company

Guidepost Brewing Company is Teton Valley’s newest establishment and a rising star in Teton Valley's craft beverage scene. Located in Victor, Idaho, Guidepost Brewing is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of flavor and creativity. The taproom boasts a wide array of brews, from the Storm Watch Porter to the pale yet pleasantly hoppy Fox Creek Kolsch. For wine drinkers, you won’t be disappointed! The menu is vast and flavorful.

Beer and wine are not the only stars in this establishment. Featuring a full menu (we recommend the housemade meatballs), there is no better place to drink and dine in Victor. But wait! There’s more. Guidepost is in a chic warehouse with glass garage doors that open when the weather is warm so guests can enjoy indoor and outdoor seating. Play cornhole over a frosty pint, and be sure to check the weekly schedule of events. There is always something going on at Guidepost, from line dance and salsa lessons, yoga & beer sessions, German night, and even a beer-inspired book club! The venue is also available for private events.

Guidepost Brewing beer in Victor Idaho, a part of Yellowstone Teton Territory.
Drinking a flight of beer at Guidepost Brewing in Eastern Idaho's Teton Valley.


Refuge Taphouse

At the corner of Dogwood and Main in Victor, Refuge Taphouse is a cozy place to enjoy beer and wine after work. You won’t find this establishment on social media; the quality of the product served has rapidly spread through Teton Valley via word of mouth. The beers on the board are eclectic and ever-changing, but you will surely see Valley favorites from nearby Guidepost Brewing and Driggs’ Citizen 33. 

The atmosphere is intimate, with small tabled seating, plenty of stools at the bar, and on warmer evenings, great outdoor space to sip and people-watch. There is no kitchen, so don’t expect a meal, but hungry patrons can purchase a bag of gourmet chips at the bar or order a pizza from Pinky G’s for pickup just across the street. 

Also, get ready for Ladies’ Nights, which are always wild. Don’t be surprised if you leave the Taphouse covered in glitter, wearing a feather boa, and having danced a few songs on the bar!

A beer at Refuge in Victor Idaho, a part of Eastern Idaho in Teton Valley.
The bar at Refuge, a tap house in Victor Idaho, a part of Yellowstone Teton Territory.
Refuge exterior, a taphouse in Victor Idaho in Eastern Idaho, a part of Yellowstone Teton Territory.


Highpoint Cider

Co-founded by brothers Andrew and Alex Perez, Highpoint Cider boasts a welcoming, laid-back atmosphere with ample open seating, both indoors and out. Alongside their signature hard ciders, the taproom offers a selection of local beers and a thoughtfully curated wine list, complementing the in-house cider offerings. Daily cider house tours provide visitors with insight into the cider-making process.

With no formal fermentation training, the brothers experimented to develop their core cider lineup, comprising Transplant, Spur, and Tram-line. Focused on crafting accessible, low-sugar ciders bursting with flavor, Highpoint Cider continues to innovate with new variations and seasonal releases. 

Highpoint is more than a cider house. It has quickly become a popular local hangout, thanks to its super satisfying product and its weekly lineup of events. Trivia nights, Bingo, Valley Voices, Stand-up comics, and a Streetfood Food Truck make sipping cider a great way to spend an evening under the Tetons.

High Point Cider Taproom exterior, a cider brewery in Yellowstone Teton Territory's Teton Valley.
Getting cider on tap at High Point Tap Room, a part of Yellowstone Teton Territory.
Spur Cider from Highpoint Cider in Victor Idaho, a part of Eastern Idaho and Yellowstone Teton Territory.


Citizen 33

Next on the itinerary is a craft beer house in Driggs, Idaho. Citizen 33 brews beers that showcase Idaho's best ingredients, sourced locally for a truly authentic taste. With a focus on collaboration with local farmers and distributors, Citizen 33 prioritizes utilizing regional elements in all of their brews, ensuring a unique and genuinely local drinking experience. 

See inside the room where the magic happens and be greeted by the inviting aroma of handcrafted brews, each a tribute to the region's rich agricultural heritage. Sample a flight of their finest beers, from the flagship Teton Valley IPA to seasonal rotations featuring locally sourced ingredients. Pair your pint with a bite from a diverse menu featuring creative culinary offerings made with ingredients sourced from nearby farms and producers. Citizen 33 Brewery and full restaurant captures the essence of Teton Valley’s spirit and character with its warm hospitality and commitment to craftsmanship. Welcome to all ages.

Exterior of Citizen 33, a brewery in Driggs Idaho in Yellowstone Teton Territory.
Beer and dining at Citizen 33 in Driggs, Idaho in Eastern Idaho, a part of Yellowstone Teton Territory.


Grand Teton Distillery

Founded in 2011 in Driggs, Idaho, Grand Teton Distillery is a family-owned craft distillery. Utilizing locally sourced Idaho potatoes and mineral-rich glacial snowmelt, the Distillery’s award-winning premium vodkas and whiskeys literally incorporate the grandeur of the Tetons in their crafted beverages. Their mission revolves around creating hand-crafted spirits with pure mountain water and natural ingredients, epitomizing the essence of Idaho. Each recipe minimizes the environmental footprint by using eco-conscious practices like sourcing raw materials locally, repurposing residual mash, and harnessing solar energy.

And did we mention that the product is fantastic?! From its signature Grand Teton Potato Vodka (try the Huckleberry flavor, too) to the Grand Teton Private Stock Straight Bourbon Whiskey, spend an afternoon sipping the many liquor selections. Tours of the distillery are available. Watch how the magic is made, and then visit the gift store for a branded keepsake.

Enjoy a refreshing recipe on a warm Teton afternoon:


In a rocks glass or copper mug . Add all ingredients. Top off with soda. Stir. Garnish with a lime wedge and huckleberries.


Grand Teton Distillery in Eastern Idaho's Teton Valley, a part of Yellowstone Teton Territory.
Grand Teton Distillery sign in Driggs, ID a part of Teton Valley, Eastern Idaho and Yellowstone Teton Territory.

Raise a Glass to Teton Valley's Craft Beverage Scene

As our journey through Teton Valley's breweries, distilleries, and taphouses comes to a close, we raise a glass to the rich variety of flavors, traditions, and community that define this remarkable region. Whether you're a seasoned beer connoisseur, a spirits enthusiast, or simply an adventurous traveler, Teton Valley invites you to savor the best of its craft beverage scene!

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